Mural Art for Sports Philanthropist Antonio Brown
Destroy Doubt Commemorative Mural
Brown Portrait Details

It’s not every day that Mural Art & Consultants get the chance to create mural art for sports philanthropists. Our friendly partners at Game Seven Marketing reached out to us to help their client Nike with a project honoring one such individual.

During the off-season, many athletes hit the road and lend a hand to various communities across America. Antonio Brown, wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, spent 12 days on the road for his “Destroy Doubt” tour. He traveled over 4500 miles and visited five different cities, giving motivational speeches for younger generations forced to fight for their dreams.

The campaign’s primary goal was to destroy the doubt found in individuals and athletes across the country. Additionally, the tour sought to eliminate doubt within the very schools he attended. Nike wanted to send Antonio Brown a surprise gift to thank him for  his work off the field. Because this story was as bewildering as it was heartwarming, we couldn’t help but agree to help out!

Our artist Key Detail created this beautiful mural honoring Antonio Brown, the tour, and its impact on the community. The artwork contains memorable quotes from Brown, as well as images of his hometown Liberty City. However, there’s even more detail to pour over! Traz Powell Stands, the Destroy Doubt tour bus and the five cities he visited – Miami, Missouri, Dallas, Chicago, and LA – are also present.

Antonio Brown knows what it means to reach your goals and achieve success. MAC hopes to follow his example by creating more mural art for sports philanthropists – whenever we get the opportunity!

If you are part of the sports industry, consider contacting MAC today for a consultation! We do work for the latest talent hitting the stadiums, as well as those who simply love the game.