MAC designed a digital graffiti design to use during an Adidas sponsored event. The event took place at the 2018 Windy City Qualifier in Chicago. Designing a mural backdrop digitally was a new challenge. A challenge we were excited to take on! The design was printed onto a backdrop and placed opposite of a mirror. The various volleyball team participants sat on a bench in front of the artwork. Therefore, creating a selfie station.


We were able to connect the client with renowned graffiti artist Merlot. The style of her digital graffiti design was a great match for the brand. The design is abstract enough that when viewed in reverse it can still be just as impactful.  Furthermore, Merlot chose to incorporate colors from the Chicago flag into the piece. As a result, it is a great collaboration of branded arts within an artist’s natural aesthetic. Be sure to check out more of the projects we’ve been working on!.

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