Mural Artists for Hire - Large Scale Public Art in Towson, MD

Mural artists for hire. Our creative mural agency specializes in graffiti street art using spray paint. In addition, we are also masters at traditional forms of hand painted large scale murals using brush. Our mural company focuses on scalable and streamlined approaches to make every project run as smooth as possible. Furthermore, we partner with the world’s leading mural artists who are spearheading this movement. Being an artist owned and run company, it gives us valuable insight into both spectrums of art and business.

Mural Artists for Hire - Live Art for Restaurant Wall

We focus our mural artwork on a concept of return on investment. The value of art is often subjective but time is a tangible asset. In addition to professional mural artists for hire, we have a team of dedicated project managers. We support our clients from project start to finish and pride ourselves on clear communication and lightning fast responses! In our fast-paced industry, we are there to support both agencies and end clients on making their project successful. We want you to sit back and enjoy a beautiful mural painted by our graffiti artists for hire.

Los Angeles Mural Artists for Hire - Street Art in Santa Monica

When we initially started this our street art murals company, we were handling all the sales, project management and mural production by ourselves. However, we quickly learned that this was not a scalable model. By partnering with our fellow artists, we were able to hone in our skills to create an unstoppable and talented team. As a result, everyone does what they love and are amazing at what they specialize in as well.

Street Art for Production Office in Burbank

Consulting on Mural Artists For Hire

We have knowledge and experience in creating thousands of murals over time. Therefore, we understand what stands the test of time and what may not be the best solution for a mural project. We are more than street artists painting commercial graffiti murals. Our goal is to transform spaces successfully to meet a client’s goals.

Large Scale Graffiti Art Installation for Basketball Court

Our process is broken down into a design phase and a production phase. Clients are often unaware of how important the designing phase is as it’s usually more than half of the project scope. To be honest, the painting and installation of the mural is the easier part for us. Using formalized creative briefs, we make sure that clients are on the same page with designs, and we track clear rounds of revisions so that we don’t waste time with too many unnecessary changes. In the end, we want to save you both time and money. Most importantly, we want you to be proud of the end product of a beautiful and timeless mural!

Public Art Mural - Large Scale Colorful Art

To get in touch with our team of mural artists for hire, please email us at or call 310-853-8877.