Professional graffiti in Hudson Yards combines fresh ideas with classic presentation. Because the new district is still trying to find its footing, we decided to help it along with some artwork of our own.

Turner Broadcasting recently commissioned artwork, specifically designed to liven up their new offices at 30 Hudson Yards, NYC. This particular building rises into the clouds, with colossal window and rooftop views of uptown, downtown, the Statue of Liberty, and New Jersey. As a result, Hudson Yards is the sparkling new destination for shopping and entertainment, as well as the premier panorama of Manhattan! It’s an exciting move for Turner – and it’s also an exciting project for us!

We decked out the space with murals in 2 locations. Turner’s main lobby area and conference room now features our work, located on the 49th and 50th floors. Our two professional graffiti artists – 2Alas and Bisco Smith – primarily used  black and white design patterns. However, they also added their own take on Turner’s idea of “inclusiveness, belonging, and empathy, making connections in our modern world of digital media”.

Professional graffiti
Optical Illusion Portrait
Professional graffiti

The physical location of Manhattan’s latest artwork is a very important element in these two murals. Have you ever heard of that myth where Mona Lisa’s eyes seem to follow you across the room? If so, then you have optical illusions to thank! Each mural looks sightly different, depending on which angle you’re facing. Furthermore, both out artists used the surrounding environment in the design – such as the side columns.

Side Column Details
Professional graffiti
Portrait Details

For both artists, it’s clear they enjoyed the process of creating something bold, much like Turner. But we don’t intend to stop there! Graffiti USA is hard at work creating something new for NYC every day. Check out another Hudson Yards project here! Also – here’s another Turner project we did a while back!