Sponsored murals are a good solution to long term partnerships & brand presence within communities. We connect clients with local property owners & artists to create timeless community based murals. As a result, these artworks are technically outside of hand painted OOH (Out of Home) media buys. Instead, we work within the realm of true public art. However, please keep in mind that these murals are NOT meant to include any type of CTA advertising and there are restrictions on logo & text sizes.

Sponsored Murals in Queens NY - Positive Message for Community.

We also handle traditional OOH wallscape rentals for permitted hand painted advertisements. These walls usually run about 4 weeks and can include products, call to actions & logos. You can contact us for inventory if your brand is looking to go this route.

Sponsored Mural Regulations & Requirements

To be considered a sponsored mural, the content of the artwork needs to be relatable to the community and/or business that it’s painted on. Every city and neighborhood may have specific zoning regulations that we will need to treat on a case by case basis. Any branding or logos will need to adhere to being less than 5-10% of the mural size and located in the corner of the mural. Usually, you can envision a subtext that appears as: “Sponsored By: [Insert Logo]” in the bottom right. Once again, there is no one size fits all solution as the rules and regulations can vary between properties. Disclaimer: some cities will NOT allow sponsored murals of any kind unless it’s on an existing billboard structure.

Towson MD Public Art - Sponsored Mural

The explicit permission to paint the artwork needs to be secured from the property owner and not tenants that are renting the space. Artists should also be fully insured and liable for any damages or injuries that may occur while working on the property.

Visit Knoxville Sponsored Mural in TN

PROS of Sponsored Murals

  • Longer run-times of murals (possibly permanent in some cases)
  • Lower costs than traditional OOH Media Buys
  • Fostering community involvement & local pride with art
  • Helping a local business as creative signage
  • Giving more artistic freedom and supporting the visual arts
  • Create new landmarks associated with brand

CONS of Sponsored Murals

  • Approval processes may take longer for committees or property owner involvement
  • Strict & limited sizes to any logo & branding
  • No “Call To Actions” & text heavy messages
  • Usually requires a proposed design to secure the wall space
  • Zoning regulations vary between markets
Sponsored Mural in Atlanta, GA

We understand there’s a lot to consider when it comes to sponsored murals. However, we can help with the process. Or agency specializes in scouting walls, establishing relationships with property owners, consulting, design and production of sponsored murals. We can also walk you through all of the steps in connecting with local artists and developing art the speaks to the local community in an impactful way.

Sponsored Mural in San Diego, CA

To speak to someone about a sponsored mural project, email art@muralartist.co or call 310-853-8877