Graffiti artists for hire. We are an artist focused creative agency. Our graffiti company consults & creates custom artworks for brand activations. Grow your brand message with impactful murals by our professional street artists and graffiti artists for hire.

NYC office graffiti mural

Commercial Art: Interior, Exterior, Large-Scale, Hand Painted Murals

Our custom murals are designed with clients in a collaborative process. Afterwards, we hand-paint the artwork with our diverse team of street artists & mural artists for hire. At Mural Art & Consulting, we lead your project from planning and conception, through design, and execution. It’s our goal to deliver a mural installation that allows your brand or business to achieve its overall marketing communications objectives. Furthermore, our mural installations drive a specific message or campaign in a manner best suited for geo-targeted locations and demographics.

Office street art mural

Client Focused Solutions by Graffiti Artists for Hire

We focus our company on client mission and vision. As a result, our graffiti company is able to serve as a strategic resource to you, providing the right solutions to meet your company’s needs.

Custom canvas graffiti art in NYC

Our custom graffiti murals transform spaces and provide an engaging backdrop for any retail location or entertainment venue, and are the perfect “Instagram-able moment” for guests to share their experience via social networks to drive valuable, authentic word of mouth messaging. Furthermore, our street art murals provide a lucrative platform to leverage the designs in both online and offline campaigns. As a result, past examples include OOH media advertising, retail and promotional products.

Atlanta office mural by graffiti artists
Office graffiti mural for office in Atlanta, GA
Graffiti artists for hire Washington DC office
Graffiti art mural in Washington DC office space.
Graffiti artists for hire - Bronx Event
Mural for a marathon event in the Bronx, NY

To get in touch with our team of graffiti artists for hire, please email us at or call 310-853-8877.